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My Club Do you have a club, an association, a small company?

This software allows to create and manage a list of customers, members. Create and manage membership cards, loyalty.
Create and manage quotes, invoices, etc.
With its advanced multi-planning system, managing the schedule of your members and employees becomes easy.

Available totally free, a simple registration on this site allows you to obtain licenses for all your workstations, renewable without limit.

Participate in its development, suggest improvements, report errors. We are at your service and responsive, a support by ticket and our contact form are at your disposal.

Each card has its own barcode, you can use a barcode reader to automatically locate it in the database.
To laminate paper printed cards many solutions exist, you can also print hard plastic cards with an inkjet printer or a special card printer.

Sample database and invoice printing templates, maps are available in downloads.

Strong points

  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
  • Free licence, by simply registering on this site.
  • Management of members list.
  • Management of card members.
  • Management of complete billing, invoice estimates.
  • Multi advanced planning.
  • Advanced customization by model of cards, estimates, invoices, ...
  • Active developement, updated frequently.
  • Skinnable interface.
  • Available language: English, French.


Our latest version

Name Version Downloads Link
My Club New 1.0.16 Build 1417 10160  Download 
My Club 1.0.11 Build 890 104699  Download   Mirror

Our old archived version

Name Version Downloads Link
My Club 1.0.10 Build 679 100880  Download   Mirror
My Club 1.0.9 Build 639 20425  Download   Mirror
My Club 1.0.8 Build 448 21200  Download   Mirror
My Club 1.0.7 Build 403 13715  Download 
My Club 1.0.6 Build 389 12664  Download 
My Club 1.0.5 Build 385 12647  Download 
My Club 1.0.5 Build 382 14090  Download 
My Club 1.0.4 Build 344 14688  Download 
My Club 1.0.3 Build 342 15982  Download 
My Club 1.0.2 Build 289 12641  Download 

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